Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The back lane

Today the weather has made my walk down the back lane more like a November walk should be. There was dampness in the air which gave the lane a mystical appearance,

you could hear the leave falling making little popping noises, I wondered, at first what it was then I realise as the water on the leaf met the water on the ground it made little splashes

I could hear a crow calling somewhere and the sparrows twittering but the mist muffled the sound and the direction was unclear. As I paused and listened I could make out a dog in the distance, barking, had he seen a squirrel? for there were plenty around, chasing each other through the trees.
I find this walk so refreshing any time of the year and in any weather, it lifts my soul, changes my deadness to life and I feel at peace again.

Today I am grateful for the peace I find in this walk
for a reason to get up of a morning
for being able to walk with ease, not crippled by pain.

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