Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random jottings of a observer.

In town the other day I saw someone pulling a box along, the box was approximately 2ft x 1ft but 18" deep (don't know off hand what that is in metric)fair enough you say just like a small case, yes it was like a small case but on the side of the box was written 'Sandwiches' and the lid had two indentations for tumblers, boy was his lunch big.

Bright Autumn colours are good to wear I agree and I love to wear them, but the jumper worn by this 50ish year old man looked like his mother had knitted it from all the odds and ends of wool she had left over. He certainly stood out.

Starbucks today was a must, I had my usual Mocha and Cinnamon Swirl and thoroughly enjoyed it, but while I was in there well hidden away from any window I missed the most amazing rainbow, how do I know? a friend saw me while I was waiting for the bus and asked me if I had photographed it. Shame I would have loved that for my nature calendar.

We had been offered a proper shop type hanging rail for the Thursday sale and Ann and I went into town to pick it up. We thought we were going to have to walk home with it as it was big, I was looking forward to taking photos of us wheeling it along, but in the end we were able to dismantle it into 4 pieces and allowed on the bus. Hopefully this will last longer than any of the others we have been given over the years.

I found a quote today that I rather like
Childhood is the time of life when you make funny faces in the mirror.
Middle age is the time of life when the mirror gets even.

It's Zebedee said time, good night

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humel said...

lol at the mirror quotation!!

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