Friday, October 28, 2011

Filling the frame

Last Christmas my son and daughter-in-law gave me a lovely picture frame. It is sectioned off into 6 6x4" little frames and is quite deep. I really wanted to do something special with it, but I didn't have any ideas until recently.

I started by putting in the photos of my cats, Sammy (the one looking out of the window) is no longer, she died earlier in the year and her photo has been the only thing in the frame for ages. I quite liked the curtain idea so I started the collage with that.
I had seen this
in a magazine and being a button collector it seems a good thing to add.
In amongst all the buttons, lace and trims that I have been given, inherited or picked up at jumble sales I had this lovely button card (I would love to know how old it is)

One of my Scrapping friends Shirley had done a super dressing dummy collage in a household matchbox. Bless her she sent me a kit to make the final aperture
the silver thimble was my mother's and the press studs came from her too.

so finally here is the completed frame. I have found a place to hang it but need help to get the hooks in the right place so next time Neil comes over I'll ask him to do it.


Shirley said...

Mary that is really gorgeous, so much work and a lovely way to display some precious momentos. Glad I was to help with the last little touches.

AlliR said...

Looks fantastic Mary!

HilaryB said...

A work of art,Mary. Gorgeous.

Jimjams said...

Very beautiful Mary - love the mix of photos and collage!

Summer Sunflower said...

Brilliant Mary,you have put such a lot of work into your treasure frame. Gorgeous!!

Minty Magic said...

Wow that is fab Mary!

Tracie said...

lovely Mary!

humel said...

Mary, this is stunning! What a great use of the frame! xx

Kai said...

This is gorgeous Mary... I had to do a double-take at the kitty in the left corner... I thought the curtain was part of the photo, but nope! You added it with fabric.... simply fabulous!

happysnapper said...

this is wonderful Mary i love the whole thing hope you have it displayed on your wall now.

Sian said...

mary - that is truly lovely! You have got me wondering how old that button card is too, you know how much I love to ponder that kind of thing!

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