Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Grrrrrrrrrr day that ended better

I went into town this morning, my bus pass didn't register on the bulleye (new things for senior passes) at the moment they are letting it go but there will come a time when they wont then it will be a case of a temporary pass that will last a week and won't let me out of Swindon area. Hopefully a new pass will be issued. I know I'm not the only one as three others got the same reaction.
I needed a new Yellow ink cartridge for my printer, no one to serve in the shop, honestly I could easily have gone and helped myself and walked out. Bet they were all having a cuppa out the back. Trouble was I felt my anger growing again.
Did manage to get what I went in for (Alcohol Ink) and also the October Scrapbook Magazine was in Smiths and best of all Creating Keepsakes, never seen that in there before.
Went to ASDA for food shopping and they have changed where they have put things AGAIN grrrrrrrrrrr that makes me cross as it wastes time and doesn't make me buy anything else in fact just the opposite.

I have made a page for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers that I am pleased with so the day is definitely ending much better.
challenge criteria is
3 of 3 items = my 3 of 3 items are 3 swirls cut on Robo using a lovely dingbat font called Beautiful Ornaments 3 petals to the flower and 3 butterflies

Blue, no pink = Blue flower(no pink on this one but it is a companion to one that has which is on my blog here)

Every day object = I used the inner seal from a CoffeeMate carton which was just a bit thinner than a beer can and I could easily cut it with scissors.

I also did a page Saturday
Mirror Mirror (IRL)

I am grateful for a Starbuck Mocha and a cinnamon swirl and of course I had the two scrapbook mags to read while I was there
to a craft that absorbs me and dispels my frustration
two lively kittens and one lovely old cat.
A neighbour who brings me chips

now having found such good thinks in the day I really don't know why I was so angry/worried/upset this morning.


Lizzie said...

Sounds like the coffee and magazines did you good. I hope you indulged in a good long session of Kitten Stroking when you got home - to banish the rest of the "Grrrr"s? - Kittens are good for the soul, Mary! (at least they are if they're not busy climbing the curtains!)

humel said...

Oh, how lovely are the layouts? :) I'm so glad your day got better - I had a frustrating day yesterday but then took it our on someone who didn't deserve it so had to humbly apologise today :(

Jimjams said...

Gorgeous Kitty page Mary - that flower is stunning!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye