Friday, March 29, 2013

Feeding Nanny

As promised here is the layout I did that goes with the sketch I posted earlier today

Feeding Nanny

like all children everywhere they try to wind you round their little finger and believe me Rufus is an expert at this. He has a charm about him the is irresistible. In these photos he is determined to have another pudding, he had already had two helpings but when Nanny arrived after work and sat down to have her share Rufus took the spoon from her and started to feed her but it was all a ruse to get more for himself as the hidden photos reveal


today I am grateful for a brilliant Good Friday service, for the church being full as all the churches in the area join together as one for this service
for the weather being bright and although still cold no where near as cold as it has been.
And finally a phone call from my Son to have Sunday lunch with them again this week


Maria Ontiveros said...

Gorgeous! I love that shade of teal and the embellies (plus great photos).

Jimjams said...

Not only a looker, but a clever boy as well!
Love the colours and mix of B&W and colour

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