Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I went into town today because I needed some A4 card for the minibook I will be teaching on Saturday. Now that was all I went in for, but....
....why can I never just get what I need and go home. I bought ink for my printer, OK yes I do need it although it is still printing OK it keeps telling me the ink is low.
I bought Glue & spreaders, because I wasn't sure that the girls in my class would have any and it's needed for the mini book.
I bought chocolate, crisps and twiglets, certainly not needed, certainly not good for my waist line, almost certainly means I will be putting on weight, but, what the heck, I love chocolate, crisps and twiglets.
I also bought a nice black top, from our new BHS Very stylish looking shop it is now too.

I've also done another digi page, seem to be on a roll again, but with digi this time rather than paper.
Just Right


Scribble Monster said...

Lovely, lovely photo of you Mary. It is great to get to know you through your blog, you are brimming full of life in everything you do and that shines through in this shot. xx

Jane said...

lovely layout and photo

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye