Monday, July 25, 2011

Explore - Routine and Surroundings

Observing the little things that make up my day,
I awake at 5.56 far too early really but I'm wide awake so get up.
(OK I cheated I didn't take this at 5.56, though that was the time I got up, I just put the clock back to that time) :-D

I want to strip the bed, and this time instead of washing drying and putting the same duvet cover back on I decided to use a fresh one. It's been shoved in a draw for ages so I iron it in situ, never done that before but it is easier than using an ironing board. I'm not too keen on a pure white cover so find a pretty scarf that is long enough to go across the bed.

Then I must have some breakfast and of course that means putting on the computer. I always have my breakfast while saying good morning to my friends on UKScrapper. I also see if I have an email from Shimelle with today prompt. Yes and guess what, she suggest we take a photograph of where we sit, stand and sleep. Perfect, my bed looks so much nicer than usual

Where I sit when at the computer depends on the weather, in summer my computer is often in the lounge as it is too hot in the back of the bungalow. so I have a little plastic bedside table that slips under one of my armchairs. I sit in comfort and type and play.

and then of course there is MY CHAIR
There is a story behind this chair which I wrote in my playbook for today's entry.
You didn't start off as mine at all, you resided in Bishops Cleeve, much loved by my Mother in Law. You were bought for her by Langs the builders, because they looked after their pensioners extremely well. When she died you came to live with us and became John's chair. You are now rather old and shabby but I wouldn't want to part with you. I fall asleep in your arms, I watch TV from your comfort. I feel safe and relaxed in you. You are mine now, I wonder who will claim you after I'm gone.

There is nowhere to sit in my kitchen so that is where I stand, my favourite thing to do there is make endless cups of coffee and tea, but the best one of all is the one I have with my breakfast because I allow myself one cup of real cafinated coffee a day.

Now what shall I do today, a bit more decluttering I think. I have too much stuff in my bedroom, and it's never easy to keep clean and tidy as it stands, so time to rethink. I manage to cull a little bit from my wardrobe but not much I do love all my clothes and even those I don't wear often I can't bring myself to turf out. I do manage to get rid of the things that are in the bottom draw of my chest of drawers so now have an empty draw to fill up again. I was going to put all my scrapbook magazines up in the loft but decided that would sit on top of said chest of drawers (well for the moment anyway).

Checking on the washing I have white marks all over my duvet cover so back into the wash with lots of vanish on it. No use still there they just won't come out and I have no idea what has happened. Time for a new set (well any excuse to shop for petty things)
My neighbour kindly takes me into town as there is a shop that is closing down and prices are very low. I get a Duvet set that I like (hope it is as nice when on the bed). We pop into TKMax for a cuppa and a browse and then out to take a photo of the old Renault building (I needed a metal and glass one for the scavenger hunt).
As for the rest of the afternoon I really don't know what I have done except sit at the computer or in my chair to eat dinner while watching TV.


Scribble Monster said...

Thank you for letting us peek into your day Mary. I find it fascinating how we all live our 'normal' days. Jen x

Lizzie said...

There's something rather nice about having a peep at others' "normal" days. We hear all about the extra-ordinary days - the birthdays, family parties, outings, holidays etc... but it's rare to hear/see much beyond a passing remark about the ordinary, just-another-day type of days.
Wonder what made the white marks on your duvet cover - not bleach in the washing machine, or something? Mum had a very mysterious patch of something black appear on a napkin; we couldn't get it to come off and had to throw the napkin away. No idea what it was or where it came from! Still, you had a nice "excuse" to treat yourself to something lovely!
It sounds as if it was quite a nice day really. Hope Tuesday is good too!

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