Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Scavenger hunt

I've been trying to play along with Maria "Rinda" Ontiveros photo scavenger hunt I have managed to get some of the things so thought I would put them on my blog
Here is the list
1. A picture of your entire team (or a self-portrait, if you're playing alone).
2. A museum
3. A camp fire (or fire in a fireplace)
4. A protest, town hall meeting or other political activity
5. A hand lettered sign selling something or giving directions
6. A person dressed as a pirate
7. A decorated mailbox (Non-U.S. participants may substitute a piece of garden sculpture)
8. Your country's flag
9. A festival or fair
10. A wooden bridge
11. A forest
12. A unicycle
13. A cemetery of historical significance or with an interesting story.
14. A castle
15. Graffiti art (not just graffiti and not just a wall mural)
16. A building made of metal or glass
17. Rain
18. A person sketching or painting outside their house
19. A beehive or an ant farm with live ants
20. A handmade roadside memorial or shrine.
21. A rooster

OK I cheated a bit, the person sketching outside their house is my middle grandson Rufus ages 22 months.
the pirate is off the TV, a children's programme Bird & 3rd and this day the toucan was dressed as a pirate.
the beehive or ant farm is in reality a woodlice nest, which Rufus uncovered today and was so fascinated with he kept taking me back to it.
finally the rooster is a clay tile that I picked up some time ago and stuck on one of my kitchen cupboards.

Good Friday this year I made a crown of thorns to put on the cross we have in church. Then for Easter Sunday I added artificial flowers to it to make a wreath (they had to last a week therefore couldn't be real ones) I still have it so in dead of night, well midnight to be exact, I took it to the end of the lane where the little post box is and fixed up and with my flash on quickly snapped it. Job done I have now got a decorated mail box (we done have individual ones in England)


Maria Ontiveros said...

These are awesome. I particularly like your self portrait and rain. Very clever on your mailbox!

Jimjams said...

The decorated mailbox is an inspiration Mary - dedicated scavenging!

Heather said...

Haha I love the idea of you sneaking down the lane in the dark to get that photo!! Great interpretations of the list Mary & thankyou for making me smile this morning xx

Fiona said...

Great photos.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye