Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rushing around getting no where fast

Yes I am behind with Christmas preparations and seem to now be rushing around but not doing anything practical.
I did get the parcel sent up to Skipton today so that is one thing I can cross off my list.
I tried to pin my son down to sort out what size bird and if he wanted me to get a ham as well, that got me no where, so I had to leave that on the list. I also needed to know what it was he wanted for Christmas, that will have to wait too as it is in John Lewis and Neil will have to take me there.
I did do a little bit of nibble shopping and hope that I can restrain from starting on them too soon before Christmas.
I've also made a minibook for Gemma to give to her friend, so the day hasn't been completely useless.

Today entry for this
14th Gift Wrapping

I have managed to catch up on one of the missing days too, the 8th we were looking at signs of the coming season and my neighbour's Christmas Reindeer seemed just right.
8th Santa is on his way


Jimjams said...

Love that page for the 8th - the way things glow against the black is super - I must get out and take some pictures of the lights ... I could do a page of yuk (the blue ones, especially the flashing ones) and the lovely ... pretty much anything white!

scrappyjacky said...

I seem to have an ever growing collection of wrapping paper as well....isn't it meant to go down as you use it?????

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