Monday, December 13, 2010

All behind

Oh dear Oh dear, I am all behind on preparations for Christmas. I still haven't posted the parcel up to Skipton and not done any cards yet. I really must try and get some made and sent in the next two or three days.
I am also finding it difficult to keep up with this project and now have two missed days even though I am doing them so simply this year.
still I do have two pages to share.
on the 11th I managed to get my Christmas tree set up and some of the decoration around the lounge arranged, but I haven't tidied up and the room is a mess now
11th O Christmas Tree
Today's prompt was for Christmas music and what better than the Sally Army band in the town centre, even if this photo was taken on Saturday :D
13th The Salvation Army Band


Jimjams said...

You're keeping up better than me Mary, so don't fret. Love the way you've layered triangles in the 11th.

The last couple of prompts are a day too early for us - we put the tree up on the 12th and I'm going to DD's concert tomorrow!

humel said...

Great layouts - that tree is so clever :-)

Lizzie said...

Lovely pages, Mary - really special! I'm sure you don't want to replace that old tree - too many memories, too much sentimental value. I hope it lasts a few years yet!

I do like the way you have designed both the pages. The layered "trees" are great and the red frame round the photo, with the music notes is really effective.

And didn't Shimelle say it's not about "keeping up"? I haven't even Started! Just reading and enjoying the prompts and photo advice (have tried some of the photo ideas though!)
You can't be more "behind" than me - you really can't! Enjoy your preparations, cos it's not a race. x

Photographing Mom said...

Your pages are amazing, Mary!

And yep, Shimelle said that about "keeping up". Although, it's hard for me to remember that! Haven't done today's page and probably wont' get around to it...and yes, I already feel behind. Giggle.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye