Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Journal Your Christmas

As Christmas gets nearer and nearer I get more and more in a mess, but that is ideal for today's page.
I love sitting on the floor and wrapping presents, this year I have lots of parcels for the lucky dip. I've been picking things up at the sale on Thursdays all through the year and although I said I would wrap them as I got them, of course I didn't. So all yesterday evening found me with presents and paper and sticky tape and ribbon, sitting on the lounge floor with the TV on in the background wrapping lots of funny shapes. I wanted white crepe paper but couldn't get any but I did find a pack of cheap paper table clothes which did just as well.

Yesterday's page
20th Wrapping Presents

today's page
21st Glorious Sight

When presents are strewn across the floor
Decorated tree and lights galore
No one to complain about the mess
Just me and the cats and we do our best
To carefully tread where angels dread

Neil should be over with Rufus shortly and I will go into town, there is no way that I can have a 15 month old rascal around in my bungalow at the moment. I do have one or two things that I could do in town so perhaps a break from the mess will be a good thing.

I still have pasties to make for Christmas Eve dinner and some more Coconut crispies, must try and get them done tomorrow.


humel said...

Love it :-) I've just finished wrapping the last few gifts, hooray!! I wrap on the floor too, much the easiest way (though my back doesn't thank me if I take too long over it...) Great little poem, Mary xx

AlliR said...

Love all your JYC pages Mary, you have been busy. And well done on keeping up to date!

Shirley said...

Mary it has been lovely to come here and read your JYC pages. I love the family photo to celebrate your birthday.

Karen said...

Another gorgeous page Mary :) I am rather behind this year with Christmas and still have lots of presents to wrap!!!

Jimjams said...

Great double page Mary - I agree that the floor is best too. Love the idea of white paper table cloths for enormous parcels.

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