Sunday, February 10, 2013

A lovely weekend

I'm all prepared, I've packed more than I need, but as I'm never sure what I'll need I pack plenty.
Where am I off to? A scrapping morning, a crop. It's lovely to be picked up and taken to the venue, a pleasure that I don't have to make my own way there. I really do appreciate that.

Well I haven't any ideas when I start to put things down on the page, I crop my photos, making them narrow, I place them together on a sheet of patterned paper, is this paper right? no. So I try another sheet, ah that's better cut it out and mount the photos. place the photos on the background paper, here I think, yes that looks good but I won't stick it down yet. It needs an edging of white to make it pop. Great, ribbon next now I can stick the photos down. I know what title I want to use, so cut that on Robo, I love that cutting machine especially now that I have downloaded Silhouette Studio. I add braiding and buttons and feel it is nearly finished. I know that it need journalling, but I want to print that this time so it will have to wait till I get home.

Goodness me is that the time, this has taken me so long to do, mind you have have chatted quite a bit which is part of the fun of coming out to scrap.

At home I print off my journalling and add it to the page. Just one more little thing is required, a sporran. Just a tiny one but boy it is so fiddly it is only about an inch in length but worth the effort. Another page completed for my Christmas album

Pipe & Drum

I'm doing the multimedia in church today so need to leave earlier than usual. It's pouring with rain so grab my umbrella. I meet Ann at the bottom of Broadway and we climb the hill together umbrella to umbrella.
The flowers in church look beautiful I just have to take their photo

After church I make my way home I know that Neil will phone me as we are going out for a meal, so no dinner prepared.
They pick me up at 2 o'clock Rufus is fast asleep, nodded off in the 15 minutes it took for them to get to me.

We drive out to Marlborough to the Castle & Ball a lovely inn to eat in. Meal delicious and beautifully cook.
Neil and Gemma present me with this saying Happy Sunday we saw this and thought of you. I was so chuffed what a lovely gift, it is now hanging on my lounge chimney breast


Rufus sleeps through the whole time so he didn't eat, he woke soon after we left and of course then wanted to go to the toy shop. He really is good and doesn't demand lots of things so he usually ends up with a small gift. One of the surprise toys suffices.

I scrap again this evening as I wanted to do UKScrapper's monthly challenge. The criteria is to take inspiration from one of three quotes, I chose 'Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.
I only have a tiny photo which wasn't all that brilliant but seemed to me to fit the bill. What is it, well it's too dark to photograph tonight so you will have to wait for my next post but I can share this little bit of it as I made this on the computer.

Today I am grateful for a very nice meal, in pleasant surrounding and good company.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend. And I adore that butterfly wall hanging.

Jimjams said...

A LOVEly weekend Mary - how nice that N&G surprised you with a gift.

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