Friday, February 15, 2013

A little shopping

I have been feeling a little low recently, not really knowing why except I want to have a holiday but frightened of going on my own. Today I went into town visited the Range first and spent some money on stash

then into town and found a new shoe shop and as I was thinking only the other day that I need to get out of my boots soon and so I went in and found a pair so comfortable that I just had to have them.

It's amazing what a bit of sunshine and retail therapy can do. I also went into a travel shop and picked up a Sherrings catalogue, you never know I may find it in me to book a holiday after all.

I have my own little lolcat just couldn't resist this photo of Mittens

Today I am grateful for sunshine and shopping spree


Shirley said...

Lovely shopping trip Mary. Those shoes are really pretty. I hope you find a holiday and the courage to book it, I have a friend who has gone on a couple of Shearings holidays on her own. She was pretty nervous at first but enjoyed them both and made some lasting friendships. She has already booked another and is really looking forward to it. I fact I think a friend she made on the first trip is going as well.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely goodies, Mary, and those shoes are super ... I love the flowers. I hope you do decide to book a holiday. I took a solo coach holiday when in my forties ... the first since I was a teenager. The trip was to Italy, a country I'd never been to, and I just loved it. Coach holidays are ideal for singles ... even after paying the single supplement :) I'd say, go for it! Can't wait to hear what you decide. Elizabeth xx

Sian said...

Your shoes are gorgeous! I'm glad they gave you a lift (literally, by the looks of that pretty wedge!)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those shoes are so cute!

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