Sunday, December 04, 2011

Story telling Sunday

I nearly forgot, in fact I did forget that this is Story telling Sunday and probably the last one :(
So I have just had to find a quick story to tell
Do you remember when your were very young about 6 or 7, It is coming up to Christmas and you are all excited about what Father Christmas will bring you in your stocking. You are walking to school and talking about it to your friend when an older child come up and shouts there is no Father Christmas. You are shocked, of course there is didn't your cousin see him last year, he was dressed in a long red coat and she said that he crept into the bedroom and took the stocking off the end of the bed and disappeared out of the door with it. Your cousin was so afraid that he wouldn't bring it back but he did he filled it with lots of different things and then crept back into the bedroom and laid it on the bed. Your cousin is a year older than you and she is always to be believed SO THERE IS A FATHER CHRISTMAS AND HE DOES BRING PRESENTS. so there

Oh to be that young again and to believe in the magic of this wonderful season. You know that the best gift of all is God sending us his Son to be our Saviour.

God bless you all and my you have a wonderful Holiday with friends and family.

Love from Mary.


Jimjams said...

He does exist Mary - we have the photo to prove it! Loved your story :D

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great story. Love how many people are doing Christmas stories this month.

Tracy said...

Of course he exists!

Sian said...

I'm a complete believer. Always have been. Always will be :)

Thank you so much for jumping in with your final story of the year. Yours have been so enjoyable all year - I always find something that really chimes with me in your tale. And now you have me hooked on your lovely nature photos you. Your support and enthusiasm this year has been much appreciated!

Merry Christmas Mary. And I hope you'll be beck next year. I'll definitely have something going. By popular demand :)

heart.hearth.home. said...

Of course he exists. My heart says so. And I now have grandchildren who can confirm it!
A well remembered special story to entertain us at this wonderful time of the year.
Christmas greetings, Mary.

furrypig said...

I believe! Have a Happy Christmas xxx

Amy said...

Oh yes, her certainly does exist!

Merry Christmas Mary, I have thoroughly enjoyed your stories this year!

Cheri said...

I believe! And I always think it is so sad when the little ones reach the point where they stop believing. I'm looking forward to grandchildren some day to bring that magic back!

S said...

So there, indeed. Merry Christmas from one believer to another.

Angelfish said...

My daughter is still a firm believer, at the age of 12 and will argue the case with anyone who dares say otherwise! I've enjoyed your tales of past times over the year Mary. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Fiona x

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