Sunday, April 17, 2011


My blog friend Mel of I Speak Melsh fame has compiled a Melsh/English dictionary. and one of the words in her famous book is LOSABLES a little bag of things that once you have opened the bag can be easily lost.
Well my losables are quite a bit bigger than 'little things'- mine consist of:-
the last thing I put down. ie scissors, pens, pokey stick, double sided tape, glue dots - well you get the idea.
The latest thing to get lost was the remote control. My grandson had taken it as usual and I searched and searched. The TV was playing away to itself and I couldn't turn it off. I did eventually find it and it wasn't really hiding, though of course I thought it was; I had looked in amongst the toys I had looked amongst the books I had searched the floor feeling under all the seats I had put my hand down the back and sides of the settee to no avail. Where was it, Neil had obviously taken it off Rufus and put it on the sideboard out of his reach.
Not a new photo but does show how much Rufus loves anything with buttons.


Amy said...

Ahhh, the remote control - commonly lost over here too :-) Thank you for your beautiful comment/poem :-)

Carol Anne said...

Right now, the most losable thing I have is my mind. #2 are my car keys.

humel said...

lol! Yep, maybe originally losables were meant to be little fiddly things, but I can lose things of any size too! Great to see my blog friends learning Melsh ;-)

Alison said...

My favourite 'loseables' are my glasses!

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