Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Morning

Christ has risen, he is risen indeed
I woke at 6.00 this morning, it appeared to be light outside, I had missed the sunrise. Pulling back the curtain, Oh no it is a dull day, what a shame and I'm going to a bbq this afternoon. I go outside, strange yes the sun isn't shining but the sky is clear, so clear I can see the vapour trails of the planes. Wait what is that red behind the trees at the bottom of the lane? I haven't missed the sunrise it is just coming up, how wonderful to see it rise on Easter Sunday Morning, Thank you Lord.
It's going to be a lovely day again today.

Have you ever danced barefoot on the grass, I thought it was about time I did, so here I am in my kaftan dancing before the Lord in the lane, not a soul around this early.

I can cross another thing off my list of 'must do before I die' but perhaps I should have waited till the sun had dried up all the dew.


Scribble Monster said...

That's the way to approach the day! It's overcast here too but I think it will burn off!

Jinnag said...

What a lovely start to your day Mary. Love the photos- specially sunrise. Happy Easter - and enjoy your bbq.J x

mjmaterazo said...

lovely photo & wonderful post. tfs. happy easter. maryjo

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