Monday, November 08, 2010

A pleasant walk

Today I had to do some food shopping and also to post a package off, Asda is in one direction the Post Office in the other, which to do first?
As I left the bungalow I was still pondering whether to walk up the hill and post the package first then catch the bus to Asda or walk down the back lane to Asda do my shopping then catch the bus up to the post office and finally walk home.
Just before I had to make the final decision I noticed how the fallen leaves were holding the rain drops and just had to have a photo.

That  triggered a feeling that the Lord was telling me to walk down the back lane to Asda first and I am so grateful that I obeyed, for just the other side of the main road I saw squirrels and for once I was able to get my camera out and get some reasonable shots of them. Such a delight made more so because I know that this was a gift from God.
I love this little cheeky chappie looking at me as if to say ' go on take my photo'

Where is the photo that started the thought process, well I have done a layout and used that photo as the background to it
Out of My Back Gate November Days

When I had finished my shopping I just had to go into Starbuck and Christmas must be just round the corner because it is Red Cup time and I had a lovely Gingerbread Latte along with one of their delicious mince pie.
DSCF8542After posting the package a short walk down the hill home again and on the way further signs that Christmas in not far away. A holly bush covered in berries

DSCF8543 reds enhanced

All in all a very satisfactory day out. I am so blessed to live here for me the perfect place.


Today I am grateful that God has planted me here for...... 
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.

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humel said...

Great photos, Mary :-) And love how you've used them on the layout!

I'm not a fan of squirrels, since an unfortunate childhood incident involving my finger and a baby squirrel's very sharp teeth....

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