Saturday, November 06, 2010

Buttons Buttons and more buttons

I've been playing with my buttons I have hundreds of them. It all started because Jemma Aka Jimjams made a bracelet with 4 hole buttons and I thought I would have a go. I did succeed in making a choker necklace

but then decided to sort some more 4 hole buttons out mainly because Jemma wanted to make another bracelet and didn't have any more buttons.
I have 5 big tins full plus others around so thought it would be easy to find enough to send to her, but it is surprising there are not that many 4 hole one. I did sort out some I can send thankfully.
In the sorting I came across some unusual one

I wouldn't like to try and do up these tiny mother of pearl ones they are only 5/16" in diameter.

I wonder what this button came off it seems to depict so many skills/trades.

I'm now known as the button lady on a Thursday  up at the church and people keep bringing me more buttons to sort through, not that I mind you find some real treasures sometimes.


Jimjams said...

Looking forward to my button parcel Mary *thanks*
Your necklace is superb - so glad to have inspired you!
I love buttons and remember ahppily playing with the contenets of my granny's button tin as a child ... and then putting them all back again - eee those were the days!

humel said...

Ooh, I love buttons!! I can happily play with them for hours :-) Love your choker xx

PS My Project 365 posts are autoposts - I'm not a morning person!!

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