Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photo for today

I wanted a photo that summed up the day and somehow this one taken of one of the trees that line the road along the perimeter of the Orbital Shopping Centre seemed just right

A near perfect picture of an ordinary sight.
My day started out as most days do, I was to have Rufus for a while and Neil brought him over and then took us both into town.
I managed to get what I wanted, a pair of gloves and then decided I would bring Rufus back to my place, for once the bungalow was tidy and fitting for Rufus to play, he enjoyed sitting on his little chair to eat his lunch and share mine and then contented to play with the toys and my wooden cats. He was beginning to get rather tired so thought a leisurely walk pushing him in the pushchair would send him to sleep. later leaving their place I say this picture.
Just an ordinary day nothing very exciting but Oh so pleasant.


I want to share this layout I did yesterday, Rufus amuses me so much at times he is such a character. 
Blow My Nose

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Sarah said...

Isn't he just adorable? So cute. Gorgeous LO Mary.

The photo you took of the tree is amazing. How lucky to be in the right place at the right time for it xx

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