Saturday, May 03, 2014


My son is getting married at the end of the year. I went looking to see what would be the sort of outfit I would like to wear. Oops I bought it, I couldn't resist. I know it's early, I know that it is really a summer dress but I just had to have it. I look good in it, (well I think I do *insert silly grin*)

Now what to do for a head piece, I can't buy hats to fit, my head if far too small. I love fascinators, silly little bits of nonsense perched on the bouffant.
So, (or should that be sew) I made one, perfect as I could get the exact colours to match the dress. I already had the navy blue net so a little corsage of pink flowers and some ribbon all attached to a facsinator base (my favourite haberdashery shop came up trumps for all of that) and voilĂ 
fascinator modeled by Lenny
I think Lenny (my Millennium bear) models it well, much better than I do at the moment, at least till I have my hair done again.
I just have to get a nice pair of shoes and some gloves, oh and as it will be cold, either a warm jacket or a wrap of some sorts. But there is plenty of time for that I have till the end of October after all.


Jimjams said...

I think someone might be getting excited about the wedding!

Enjoy the anticipation Mary - but I agree you'll probably need something to keep warm in October.

Summer Sunflower said...

Wow that is gorgeous Mary x

Sian said...

The dress really suits you. And the fascinator? Perfect!

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