Saturday, May 31, 2014

A fortnight of photos

Another month passed by and I haven't much to show for it, just a few photos and a few layouts completed.
Saturday 17th May I had Rufus for the day, we went down the back lane so he could play on the slides and climbing frames, we had to go through a 'kissing' gate so I thought I would race him to it and demand a kiss, oops instead of running I fell and badly bruised my eye

 and got gravel in my hand so we had to come home again. It was a lovely sunny day so we had lunch in the garden.
Sunday 18th
Neil and Rufus picked me up after church. Rufus was very excited he told me Daddy had a new Lego to make and Daddy had said he could help. (really the Lego was for Rufus and he did manage to make part of it)

 No Eli sorry you are too young for Lego but you can play with the box

Wednesday 21st
A beautiful sunny day, how much better I feel when the sun is shining, how much nicer Swindon appears in the sunlight. I had a little play with my camera while waiting for the bus (I needed to go up to Old Town to get my glasses adjusted the fall on Saturday had knocked them a bit out of alignment

The underpass from the bus station looking from the road above
The Pagoda at the civic offices. I love the way the sunlight and shadows make patterns
I had to try at least to take one of myself under the pagoda good job no one was around 
 the beautiful wisteria and the twisted branches

Sunday 25th 
dinner ready about to dish up and I have a phone call from Neil, "I know this is a last minute invite but do you want to come over" (dinner will do for tomorrow)
After a lovely meal we went for a walk through Town Gardens
Town Gardens are noted for its Squirrels
There was an extra Squirrel this day. His name is Rufus

Bank Holiday Monday 26th
Special tread Pancakes for Breakfast
A trip out to Hungerford for a Cream Tea on Sue & Bob's long boat
It doesn't look like it in that photos but we did pack the boat full, at one stage there must have been a dozen people there, finding a perch where they could. Shame the weather was not good enough to eat our food sitting on the bank of the canal
View from the Prow 

Wednesday 28th
Rufus as his alter ego Peter Parker

 With added wig for further disguise
Saturday 31st 
Big Picnic on the Green at Acre's Way
RCBC's Worship group
 A snapshot up the field
 Eric Shirley & Nigel
 Issy had to get her face painted
St Mary's tower from the Green
On the way home I spied a lone poppy against the church wall

A photo heavy post but it records my month in pictures

Today I am grateful for Family & Friends
for a good book to read
for a camera to record my life

I did several layouts but I'll put them in another post, hopefully tomorrow

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