Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A look back on April

I woke this morning to a very thick mist more like a fog really, it is strange how often the last day of April can throw some strange weather at you. We have had snow, hale & thunder, brilliant sunshine, fog and torrential rain on this day over the years. Perhaps that is usual in this country but I seem to record this day in particular. My parents were married on 30th April 1938 and it snowed apparently, according to my mother.

The fog did clear and we had sunshine for a while, just enough time to walk to ASDA down the back lane.

With my food shopping done and as I had the perfect photo for today already in the bag, or should that be camera, I decided to do my April pages today. I had a lot to record so how best to display them. I didn't want to do two double pages as I did last month, no real difference to distinguish one event from another. So I did them in batches of 3 putting like with like with a title tile done like a chalkboard for each.

Today I am grateful for a relaxing day scrapping
for weekly shop done and dusted
and for a sneaky bar of chocolate (oh how I love chocolate)

a friend of mine pinned this and is going to see if she can make it isn't it pretty

having just been into Karen's blog and found another wonderful quotation there so sharing it here Thank you Karen

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