Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Journal your Christmas

Half way through December only 8 days to go till Christmas and as usual I am no where near ready.
but I have been scrapping I am making a Christmas season album so not exactly following the prompts for JYC but some of them do tie in.
My first page is what Christmas is all about, it's why it is called CHRISTmas and not crimbo or xmas as so many people seem to call it now-a-days. The greatest gift that man has ever received
For unto us a child is born, who is our Saviour, who showed us how to live our lives for our Father God

Unto us a Child is born

I really enjoyed my birthday, spent with Helen (Ben was at nursery and Danny at School) we went to Boulton Abbey, had lunch in the Cavendish and then took a stroll along the river. The sun was shining and reflecting off the trees into the water in such a beautiful way making my day, a birthday present that is beyond anything that money can buy


here is the double page I did to celebrate my birthday
A lovely day

Neil sent me a lovely photo of Eli and I just had to do this page
Best Dressed Baby

one of the prompts for JYC is Special treats, my special treat is a Luxury Pick-a-mix from Lindt. Earlier in the year I had discovered the Lindt shop in the outlet village, all my favourite chocolates in bowls that you can choose your own. Well I couldn't resist having a big bag of them for my Christmas treat, the only difficulty is keeping them till the 25th.
Luxury Pick-a-mix

Although I am struggling to really get into the atmosphere of Christmas I am enjoying all the little things that make this time of the year special.
I have put up some decorations, have sorted out some presents, still have more to get but it's finding the right things especially for my son so perhaps a trip into town today, a mingle with the crowd, perhaps taking some photos of people rushing hither and thither and hopefully finding something that will bring a smile to Neil's face when he opens his present

today I am so thankful for the warmth of family love
for the warmth of my bungalow
for the warmth of a friends smile.

God bless you one and all

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Jimjams said...

Great pages Mary - and my mouth is watering at the sight of those chocolates ... I can't wait to indulge on Xmas day!

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