Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Cooking

I've been having fun today, I've made some sausage rolls and made them more festive than usual

take some good quality Pork & Apple sausages out of their skins
add finely chopped (done in my electric chopper) cranberries & mixed Peel (I always buy fresh peel each year for my puddings and then the rest gets left so thought I would try this)
mix well together
shop bought puff pastry (can't be faffed to make my own)
roll the sausage mixture back into sausage shapes, put on their pastry coats and cook for 15 mins at 220
ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS (these are staying here for me to nibble on when I'm on my own)

also tried a different variety of mince pies I used filo pastry for the base and shortcrust for the top they look good but still have to taste them.
also made Neil (my son) some coconut crisps, I think I would be in his bad books if I hadn't lol
pasties are already made and in the freezer ready to come out tomorrow and cook for Christmas Eve dinner another tradition that we love to continue.
Neil has been over and taken all the rest of the food (I have a large chest freezer so plenty of room for all the goodies)

today I am grateful for being more or less ready for Christmas
for tasty food tempting me to eat
for being good and not eating too much yet

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