Friday, September 06, 2013

Learn Something New Every Day

I am so enjoying this scrapping, 6x6 pages are easy to fill though sometimes a bit restrictive, still I got a lot on the page for the 4th, we were exploring what we can learn about our home. As soon as I saw the prompt I thought ' Home is where the Heart is'. I love my bungalow I love where I live, but I live alone except for the cats and my heart is really centred on my family. Trouble is half my family live a 5 hour train journey away, 'oop norf ' the other half live down here in the 'souf ' so my heart is split, when I am with my Daughter and her family I wish I lived nearer so I could see more of them but if I did I would then miss my Son and family. Still I am so grateful to have two loving children and their partners plus 3 and 8/9th grandsons who all bring joy to my heart.

4th Home is where the heart is

on Thursday morning at about 6.00 am I have been going to the church, so that I can pray in the peace of the sanctuary before we start getting everything out for the sale. It has been such a blessing to have that time and has helped the mornings work feel so much easier and I feel so much more alive for it. My lesson learnt was that time in prayer really is time well spent, and is even more essential with a busy morning ahead.

5th Time to Pray

I have one more page to share and this one is for the weekly challenge, the criteria was to scrap and everyday event, to use 6x4 or 4x3 cards (Project Life) and add stars
My photo of the awesome sunset of Sunday evening may not seem and everyday event but as I am always taking photos of skies to me it is, though no two skies are ever alike they are always there.


Today I am grateful for
a leisurely start to the day
the page for the weekly challenge coming together after trying all week
the rain to freshen up the garden and the air
Sun shining and warm afternoon

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Jimjams said...

Aww Mary - love the first page - reminds me what my DM must feel too!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye