Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fiasco

Sometime this morning I found bloody paw prints all over the bungalow, too small for Rudi so it had to be one of the girls. I called and eventually Muffin appeared limping very badly. Her paw as pouring with blood and I just couldn't see what had happened as I couldn't stem the flow. So I shut her in the kitchen and phoned the vet. My vet, that I can get to under my own steam, couldn't fit her in I had to get her to Abbey Meads which meant a taxi, ordered the taxi and went to get Muffin into the basket only for her to be far too quick for me and she escaped. I just couldn't find her so had to cancel the appointment and the taxi. The vet did say that if I managed to get her they would fit her in. I eventually cornered her at just before 3 this afternoon.
Got her to the vets only to be told that it would have to be stitched and they couldn't do it there I'd have to take her to the veterinary hospital tomorrow. They did give her an anti inflammatory injection along with a pain killer, and bandaged it up as tightly as they could. She is now very miserable as I have had to shut her in the spare bedroom and I'll have to keep her in all night. Neil will take me to the hospital tomorrow morning, and I hope he will collect her afterwards in the afternoon. all this is going to cost me £300 plus as I don't have insurance. Mind you with three cats I would have paid out a lot more than that if I did have them covered.

On a happier note I have done a page for Danny's birthday in between all the fiasco with Muffin

Danny 6 Today

but my lounge looks like it has been ransacked as I have been scrapping in here for a while as the conservatory is too hot. still the weather is getting a bit cooler so perhaps I can get back to using that room for my craft work.

I have another page to share, Ben being oh so careful not to spill his bubbles as he went down the slide.

I didn't spill a drop
this was done for the Simple Recipe challenge on UKScrappers which is to use a muted colour palette of Powder blue, Rain cloud and Whitewash.
I would have liked to have used the second scan photo of my grandson No.4 who is due in Oct. but I don't seemed to be able to find it though I did think that Neil gave it to me.

Well I think that is enough waffling for today, except to domMy thankful list for today

  • Being able to afford to have Muffin treated
  • for the distraction of scrapping when troubled
  • and good neighbours (Tony picked me up from the vets)


happysnapper said...

what a day but as you say much to be grateful for,Lucky Muffin to have a you a super owner.

Susan said...

Poor kitty. I hope she'll be feeling better soon. Vets are always so expensive. One of our cats had troubles with her teeth which cost us about $900 Canadian. I'm not sure how much that is in British Pounds. But we can't let our pets suffer. I hope Muffin will be running around again soon. :-)

S said...

Oh my, the poor little dear. Glad you got her fixed up. Your pages are great too - and it is nice to have that distraction of scrapping when you need it, isn't it.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my gosh, poor Muffin! I think I would be beside myself in your situation. Hope she's better soon.

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