Thursday, April 04, 2013

Oxford in the Sunshine

I went to Oxford with some friends on Wednesday, it was bathed in sunshine most of the time such a treat to see the sun like that even if it wasn't particularly warm
I just want to share a few of the photos mainly of architecture

Just outside the railway station I found what I think was probably very iconic to Oxford

A shed load of bicycles over 300 of them

I love the varied styles of building to be found in quite a small area
this one is very impressive, I don't know what it was originally but it is now used as the Job Centre

This tower is supposedly the oldest building in Oxford, a Saxon tower

right next to the tower was this building I love the fact that it has stood for so long is very misshapen looks as though it would fall down and would certainly be condemned if it was built today

Gargoyles and columns next on my list

the bust on that last one made me think of the severed heads of criminals in the olden days when they were displayed on spike at town gates rather macabre

there were so wonderful signs too
this one made us think until we realised that it was an address

and in this one I would love to know who Tom is

I think that will do for now, I'll share some more another day. Needless to say I really enjoyed my day and I'm going back again very soon, on my own with my camera, as there are so many thing I would like to capture.


Shirley said...

A lovely selection of photos of my town Mary, I am so lucky to be living here. Old Tom is the pub across the street from Tom Tower the tower is known as 'Old Tom.' The bell tower houses a bell called Great Tom and is the loudest bell in Oxford! HTH. X

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the gargoyles!

Lynne said...

Lovely photos they reminded me of our college reunion weekend in Oxford several years ago, we walked into Oxford along the river bank to the main shopping centre! A lovely city x

Sian said...

Your pictures are so evocative! It looks like you have captured the very essence of the place.

Thank you so much for your Easter wishes and your lovely comment today.

Jimjams said...

Great photos Mary - never been to Oxford, but I'd like to see those carvings and gargoyles for myself. Looks like a fab day out!

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