Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Purple in my Life

Well today I really have gone purple, I should have been purple for Christmas but too much of the red still showed through, I rather like the colour I was at Christmas so decided to have the same dye put in today. Today is it Purple, deep dark purple

Purple Hair collage

I do like it but think I will gradually get it turned back to red, a colour I feel safer with. So next month perhaps some highlights may do the trick.

While in the hairdresser waiting for the colour to take, I was thumbing through Good Homes magazine and found this

it made me smile, a must have accessory to anyone's kitchen.

Today's culling was my three large drawers in my dressing table, one charity sack load and a good number of the handbags from one of my wardrobes, charity bag No. 2. I did go through my silk/nylon scarves but only put two or three of those in the charity as I do like them so much even though I don't wear them all that often.
So far I have managed to fill 3 charity bags with things that can go to the sale we hold on a Thursday, if I can get them up there.

I have sat and done a layout this evening while watching the TV but I'll photograph that tomorrow in daylight.

Today I am thankful for still cracking on with the culling/sorting/tidying
and for a layout page that came together so easily.

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