Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bringing my blog up to date

Good Evening Blog friends, I have been missing for so long I have lost momentum but hope I can regain a bit. Not managed to take a photo a day but may well start again soon. In the meantime though I'll give a brief account of my holiday etc.
on the 8th June I flew to Florida with my son and family for two weeks of hectic theme park activities. After a while they all seemed to blend into each other and I kept forgetting to take photos. Saying that I do have a few so here goes

I also found a great scrapping shop thanks to one of my friends on UKScrappers and indulged my passion for paper and embellishments by spending a happy hour and quite a bit of money.

I came home last Saturday rather jetlagged but did really want to get some scrapping done and managed two challenges from UKScrappers.


Who'd have thought

On Wednesday I travelled by train up to Skipton to be with my daughter and family to help celebrate my eldest grandson's 5th birthday on Monday.
Meeting my two grandsons from school was such a joy as the moment they saw me they ran to me for a kiss and cuddle and held my hands all the way home.

My poor cats will think I have abandoned them for good but I know that they will be well looked after as I have lovely neighbours who come in and feed them.

Hopefully I will get some photos tomorrow and start AS SEEN again.

Today I am so grateful for the love from family


Maria Ontiveros said...

Welcome back! It looks like you've been busy making lots of memories (even if you didn't always take pictures of them). And that's what's important.

Jimjams said...

So glad your latest trip abroad was one that you enjoyed!
Welcome back :o)

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