Tuesday, June 05, 2012

No Cooking

Today has been another day off work for a lot of people. Another day of celebrations
I needed to get food for the cats for while I am away and I knew that the buses were running Sunday service which for my area is pretty nigh none. So I cycled down to ASDA. Knowing that Ann wouldn't be able to walk down there I phoned her up to see if she wanted anything, and got invited to lunch. A nice Lamb Stew. before I made it to Ann's Neil had phoned to say they were going over the preparations for our holiday and did I want to come over. It did mean a taxi but no matter I went over. They have a High Definition TV and I was able to get some good photos off the box of the parade down the Mall.

Just have to share another couple of photos too.

Neil cooked tea so I didn't have to cook for myself at all today.

Today I am grateful for friends and family who care for me.

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