Monday, July 02, 2012

Story Telling Sunday on a Monday

I am late with story telling this month, apologies, but I do have a story to tell. In fact this is a story for my No. 1 Grandson, He loves makey up stories, so here goes.

Once upon a time (all good stories start that way) there was a big Teddy Bear, he wasn't in a shop, he didn't belong to anyone, but he did have a name, most people didn't know his name, most people had to guess what it was. He was to be a prize in a raffle to help old people enjoy a day out.

Now there was a soon to be Nana who wasn't going to have a guess, but the old people that she helped to look after told her that she must.

There was a long list of names to choose from, but this Nana had already said what she thought he was called, Freddy, it seemed the perfect name for him, his name was really Fredrick but he much preferred Freddy.

Nana was so surprised and happy when she found out that she had chosen the right name for him and he was given to her. He was to be a special friend of her, soon to be born, number one grandson

That is the story that Danny will read, but further to the story I felt that the Lord was saying that everything would be OK, you see Helen had been worried during pregnancy that things were not right, especially as she is an older mother with a risk of Downs Syndrome.

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heart.hearth.home. said...

Freddy is certainly a lovely teddy bear. Glad the story had a happy ending and I am sure Freddy is well loved by your number 1 grandson.

Chipper said...

What a cute teddy! And a great story :-)

Jimjams said...

Sweet story - it should be scrapped - is it already?

Sian said...

A lovely story Mary! As you know, I do love a bear called Fred, so this has left me with a smile on my face as I head off to do a bit more unpacking. I hope your holiday was fabulous and I'll get to read more about it soon.

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