Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love you Rudi Layout

The weekly challenge on UKScrappers is set by different people each week and I usually try to do it. This week's challenge set by a team was to scrap using 'Love' as the theme, to incorporate pearls and something recycled.
I thought my cat Rudi would make a good subject because I really love that animal, so I tried to catch him, but I am sure he realised what I was trying to do and kept just out of my reach. I nearly gave up and used an old photo of him and me, but didn't like the fact that my hair was grey and not the vibrant ginger it is now.
So waiting until he was lulled into a false sense of security I managed to pick him up, balance my camera on the mantle shelf and take a photo, or two or three, well I did eventually get one I was reasonable pleased with and here is the layout to prove it.

For the recycled bit of the challenge I used a little cat broach

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