Thursday, July 23, 2009

All Dolled Up Layout

Isn't it exciting when you find something from your past that you have completely forgotten about?
I have been looking through photo slides that were taken back in the 1960 when transparencies were the thing. What a lot of photos I took even then. Most of them are of places and so not that interesting to do layout of but some are of family, of myself and of John and of our cat Beauty.
In amongst these I found two photos, one of John and I and one of my parents, taken at a wedding. So I had to suss out who's wedding it was. Well as they were both taken in the same place it had to be a family member getting married as my parents and I didn't really share the same friends. It wasn't my brothers as mum's outfit was not the same. That really only left my cousin Roy, so finding some photos of that wedding, discovering that the ground was very wet (as it was in the photos of us) I have deduce that it must be the one.
I do know for a fact that mum and I made our own outfits, hence the title.

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Carmen said...

You made those outfits? Wow - I love the green colour you used and isn't it amazing how fashions come back in? Those coats would be so in fashion again today.

I love what you did with your ribbons on this page :)

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