Saturday, May 31, 2014

Layout in May

Here are the rest of the pages I have done this month
A moment captured

Memories of Family

Water is Best

Squirrel Rufus

Me & My Pram
this last one was done to record my memories and has a lot of journalling attached.
My goodness how prams have changed, Here am I sitting in mine, a big old carriage pram. I don’t really remember it but the drop down part seems vaguely familiar, perhaps I played with it as I got older, it was probably the same pram Mum used for Alan who is three years my junior.
I do remember that pram cover, though, it was fawn on one side and a pale green on the other and had a dogs head sitting on top. I used it on my dolls pram for years afterwards.
I had a similar sort of pram for my children, no way could these be taken onto a bus. The only transport for me was the train which took us across the water from Saltash to Plymouth, everywhere else I had to push it and as we lived by the river and the hill up to town was steep this was indeed hard work.
I had Neil in the pram and Helen sitting on the top making the pram very heavy. We had a border collie at the time and I used to tie his lead to the front so he could help me up the hill. No wonder I was so slim with all that heavy pram pushing.


Maria Ontiveros said...

You've been so busy, and all your layouts are beautiful!

Jimjams said...

A fab summary of great pages - love that you journal so many memories x

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