Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trip to IKEA

I woke this morning thinking I would take a trip to Cirencester, I missed the bus by 5 minutes and as there is only one every hour I wondered if I should wander round Swindon for a bit, I did but then decided I couldn't be bothered to go to Ciren after all, I was just about ready to come home when I had a phone call from my son, 'do you want to come to IKEA with us. I felt that there was a reason why I missed the bus so now I knew.
Just love this photo of Rufus, he was being the office manager interviewing Daddy for a job, apparently daddy got the job 
 high up in the green tunnel, Rufus really liked this bed and luckily his own bed will convert to this so I think tomorrow he will be sleeping up high
 Couldn't have photos of Rufus without taking my lovely little fellow, Eli is getting a super baby now and I think he is going to have a ginger mop
today I am grateful for missing the bus
for family who care and include me in things
for not spending too much money.

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Jimjams said...

Lovely snaps Mary - it's been a while since I visited IKEA - they do have wonderful children's furniture.

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