Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up

Oh dear, I have been awol for so long, really not able to juggle all the balls I am trying to keep in the air.
I haven't been scrapping much either but this weekend we had a mini cyber crop so I have some layouts to share and also a shadow box (well that's what they used to be called, not sure what they are called now)
Shadow box first as I have only just finished it.
Heart of the Home shadow box
This is a class by Sarah (Smelly on UKS) (unfortunately she doesn't seem to have put it on her blog yet)
This has been made from a canvas using the reverse so you get the box the dividers are chipboard slotted together then the whole thing is sprayed, I found that the only thing that would stick to the spray paint was double sided carpet tape.
All the bits and bobs I've used on the shelves are just sitting there so if I want to I can change them.


Make them grow


Heath Robinson Machine

Purple Crocks

Photo Shoot

By the end of the weekend I was beginning to flag and my neck was aching so these last two I did on the computer.


Rudi (Jan 2011)

My middle grandson (my son's boy) seems to feature quite a lot in my pages, he is such a cheeky little lad and love to have his photo taken but doesn't really sit or stay still long enough.


Jo.C said...

Wow - you have certainly made up for lost time Mary, they are beautiful. I will have to have a go of the windmill things - they are so fashionable at the mo. Have fun :0)

Lynn said...

Gosh you have been productive. I love the shadow box.

Jimjams said...

Fab creativity Mary - glad the GBSB2 got your juices flowing again. Well done on persevering with the shadow box thingy - well worth the effort!

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