Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Central Library

Today I was priveleged to be allowed to join the friends of Moredon library when they were invited to be shown around the new Central Library in town. The reason I was invited is this poem that I wrote just after the Library was opened, it was put in the magazine.

Pouring rain, and I'm soaking wet
But happy here within

Today's the day
That Swindon need
The dawning of its revival.
Up top of town
Where boards have stood,
Today the grand unveiling
of the new library, long awaited
A building to be proud of.

Gone are the 'temporary' sheds
That served for 50 years,
Gone the dark crowded room
Instead a lighted palace
Inviting all who pass that way
To stop, to enter in
To wander round and pause and think
To read or enjoy a cup of coffee

Pouring rain, and I'm soaking wet
But happy here within

I took several photos today both of the outside of the building and some of the things inside, also of the town hall clock which from the top of the library is so much nearer than I can usually get

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