Friday, June 10, 2011

De-cluttering continues

Good morning bloggers, my de-cluttering is coming along nicely though it is going to take a long long while to complete as I am a member of HA (hoarders Anonymous)
I started well as you remember (if you read my last de-clutter entry that is)
Since then I have done quite a bit more but it is still in the kitchen.
4th June
Oops these two cupboards were full of provisions that dated back to when Noah was a boy but I forgot to take a before photo. Still as you see they are now neat and tidy and I have left the top shelf free, saves having to use steps every time I need something from that shelf. I will put things there that I use on rare occasions
6th June
My work surfaces tend to get loaded with tins and jar of items I use very frequently, but none the less some do not need to be there and as my larder and cupboards are now clutter free these can go away leaving me a nice clear surface to work on
8th June
Baking tins. I so seldom do any baking now, being on my own it isn't worth it. so a cull of these items was very very long overdue. Again I forgot to take a before photo

Here are all the clutter/un-needed items that will go to the Jeremiah sale at church. As you can see there are quite a few baking items that came out of that small cupboard. (goodness knows how I got them all in there)

So the work continues. Hopefully by the end of this week the kitchen will be clutter free completely but for now it is a pleasure to use


Summer Sunflower said...

You have certainly been working hard Mary, good for you!

Shirley said...

Gosh Mary you really have been very busy.
Good idea to leave the top shelf empty.
Well done.

AlliR said...

Wow well done Mary, you have been working hard and it looks great!

Barbara said...

Looking good Mary.At least all your extras will be going to a good home.

Lizzie said...

Woo!! I am soooo impressed! Inspired by Mary and Mel, I have been trying to de-clutter, though it's a slow old process. But you have achieved loads! Your kitchen top looks so nice with everything tidied up and put away neatly. The cupboards, larder etc look great too.
So long as you still have something to bake a cake/little cakes in, should a friend be coming to tea... The rest will no doubt be snapped up at the sale - home-baking is back in fashion!
Hooray for Mary's De-Cluttering!

Jimjams said...

Well done Mary - some great transformations there - keep it up!

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