Monday, December 31, 2012

God Bless you all and a Happy New Year

I have spent a lovely afternoon in Bristol with friends, mooching around the shops and finding things to photograph. Home now for the rest of the year and will see the new year in as I often do watching the box and hopefully some fireworks on the stroke of midnight

It's nearly over, 2012, it's nearly here, 2013. I wish you all a happy new year, may you find blessings and encouragement and may you overcome all difficulties in this coming year.

My final As Seen for this year is from my outing to Bristol today. As the light was fading the harbour side took on a mystical appearance, all steely blue

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wet Saturday Wet Sunday

Saturday was wet, I was going out, well just down to ASDA for cat food mainly, but it was just too miserable to venture forth so I stayed in and scrapped, watched TV and eat rubbish food instead.

Saturday's page, another one for my Christmas album

Little Donkey

Journalling says it all


Oops I forgot to take any photos so no As Seen for Saturday.

Sunday and it looked fine weatherwise until I got to the top of my road on the way up to church, so hurried back for my umbrella. Our Minster was on holiday so we wondered who was preaching? No one had prepared anything so we had testimonies, it's good to hear what the Lord is doing in folks lives at the moment.

Home to a roast lamb dinner, a nice change from Turkey, ham & chicken.

I scrapped another page for my Christmas season album, this time a review of the year which will be the last page, though not the last one I'll do.
This one is called Counting my Blessings month by month

Counting my Blessings month by month

again the journalling explains it all, that is what is so good about scrapbooking the journalling is as important as the pictures (unlike a photo album) and the album can be picked up and enjoyed without any further explanation.


I do have an As Seen for today, I took photos of Rudi on my lap with my phone camera, I was surprised how in focus they were especially as they were taken quite close.

Today I am grateful for the way God is moving in our church
for a nice dinner that takes very little preparation and cooks itself while I'm out
for the Scrapbook Magazine that has inspired me this month.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve

I took a taxi over to Neil & Gemma's mainly because I was rather loaded down with presents and food.
I noticed in the taxi a little cross sitting on the dashboard and I mentioned it to the driver. You see I recognised it but I didn't recognise him. He told me that his mother had found it in the Co-op, people were walking over it, so she bend down and picked it up. I told him I knew who made it, it was one of the many crosses that Billy had made. One like this one

The driver was obviously please to have it in his car it seemed to mean a lot to him

Christmas day

Christmas morning service in church was lovely, the worship leaders looked very co-ordinated in Red white and black, I am sure it wasn't planned though

Neil picked me up when the service finished and I spent the day with the family, Rufus was not very well at all, and when he took his medicine he didn't leave any for Daddy because "I'm very ill". Only a very bad cold but he was all stuffed up and feeling dreadful. But perked up each time there was a present to open.

Boxing Day

I was being picked up late morning, so I had time to go for a walk down the back lane. Turning in the opposite direction from usual I came upon a clearing where the squirrels seem to congregate, no wonder they did they were being fed with peanuts.

This time Gill came over for me with Rufus, Neil was feeling really rough, still there was no cooking for him to do today as it was a buffet meal, very nice with lots of nibbles and snacks etc.
I didn't get very many photos over the two days and most of what I did take were not brilliant but I really wanted to add a page to my Christmas album so did a collage type layout.

Rufus's poorly Christmas

Thursday 27th
We opened up the church for the sale as usual but had very few people in, still it was good to be there for those that did come.
I just vegged in front of the box in the afternoon and didn't take a single photo

Friday 28th
Today's As seen, just had to be this spiral staircase seen through an empty shop window. I'd gone up to old town to the opticians to pick up my new glasses, and on the way walking down the hill I saw it

Today I am grateful for family
for finding inspiration in the new Scrapbook magazine
for my new glasses

Monday, December 24, 2012


A very Merry Christmas as a Joyous New Year to all my blog friends everywhere

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas busyness

Well here I am again all behind. Thought I do a quick catchup on what I've done these last few days

Sale at the church had to be inside as it was a wet wet day. I thought at one stage we were going to be very sparse as far as people were concerned but in the end we had a good crowd in.

Although I was tired after the sale I knew that if I didn't get the presents wrapped that would be on my mind so my As See for Thursday is my artistic efforts.

Time to get the meat for Christmas so a walk down the back lane to ASDA and of course it yielded a photo opportunity (even though I was not going to get my camera out), this little chap/chappess was singing out to be snapped. So once again I have my Christmas Robin

The evening saw me at the Bollingbrooke for The Ladies Club Christmas meal What a super menu and venue they did us proud. My starter was Smoked Salmon topped with Tiger Prawns, horseradish cream, salad garnish and lime vinaigrette, delicious. Main course Traditional hand carved roast turkey and all the trimmings, cooked to perfection. Dessert Fresh Strawberry & Raspberry Pavlova with Clotted cream Ice Cream, a sweet to die for.
Such a lovely evening the service was perfect, even though they were very full, we were served on time with no waiting around for ages, the whole table, 11 of our had our meal placed within a few minutes of each other. We couldn't have asked for better.

I woke to rain, Oh dear seems we have one day fine the next rain. Still I felt prompted to take all my umbrellas to the church for the carol singing, we were going to have it outside despite the weather I felt sure and there would be those who travelled by car who may not have had one.

First though to a breakfast all together, Shirley and her gang did us proud, cereal followed by a full English (and plenty of it) followed by toast.

To start the plan was to sing carols just inside the porch but it we couldn't be heard from there so up with the umbrellas and outside it is. Thank you Lord for prompting me

Neil phoned and said they were coming over to ASDA to do the shopping (so much for doing it early and either very early in the morning or late at night).
ASDA was heaving but it was surprisingly easy to get around and do all the shopping. I think Neil was buying for an army, don't know who or how many he is expecting over the next week. He dropped me off later and picked up the meat and the rest of the things I had prepared.

I felt a bit deflated afterwards. Still should feel better once I have tidied up the lounge and set out some nibbles. A job for this afternoon (Sunday).

I do have another page for my Christmas album to share. Wednesday's Panto

Pantomime time

I am thankful for a Son who cares
For the Lord who prompted me.
For a meal that was delicious
and for the expectation of a Good Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Panto Season

It's Panto season, Oh no it isn't O Yes it is

I was invited to go to the panto, I was going as Lisa's eyes, but also to enjoy myself. I woke several times in the night reminding myself to tell Lisa when to shout 'He's behind you' also I dreamt to Lisa saying "Oh good we can discover the little back streets".

Well I didn't need to tell her when to shout we had a super, fun, back-to-childhood panto both of us hoarse from shouting. We also went shopping in town, well mooching around the shops, because we were early, and had plenty of time,
I found the perfect jumper for Christmas Day, I've been looking for weeks and not found anything I really liked, popped into Bon Marche and it was there on the first counter. A lovely sparkly purple one which will match my hair beautifully.
I was able to take Lisa to shops she didn't know about and also a way back to the theatre that involved back streets, so that part of my dream came true. lol.
I sneaked a photo of the final curtain call as my 'As seen' for today

As you can see from this photo we were right in front the very first row, brilliant.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I managed to make another batch of mince pies and Neil's favourite home made biscuits Coconut Crisps so a good batch of my Christmas cooking is now done though I may make some sausage rolls as I have the sausages ready to make them.

I did try and make an E-card for Christmas but although I set it all up I couldn't make it send never mind I did have fun trying to get some good photos of the cats, Muffin being the most problematical, she wanted me to play with her and I only managed a decent one in profile so that is my As Seen for Tuesday.

Yesterday I also did another page for my Christmas album while I watched TV, I looked at it again this morning and realised it needed an explanation for the title so added the tags, so glad I didn't upload it when I originally thought it was finished.

'tis the Season


Today I am grateful to having a friend who enjoys the same silly things I do
To having someone to be in town with

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas fare

Today (Monday) I set aside to do the Christmas food preparations, unfortunately I only managed to do the pasties and one lot of mince pies, still that is a start.
The reason so little was done is that the pasties take so long to make. All the meat has to be chopped very finely, as does the onion and potatoes, the potatoes have to be par boiled as I wasn't cooking the pasties yet. Then the pastry made and cut out, cooled in the fridge for about an hour, even the actual making of them takes a while. Pleased that job is done now.

I had lunch while the pastry was cooling. Then finished the pasties and started the mince pies.
The remaining potato and onion I made into soup.

The weekly challenge on UKScrappers this week was to scrap a preparation so my Christmas Fare was perfect.

Christmas Fare

My As seen for today just had to be the sifted flour making a pointed hat in my food mixer.

Today I am thankful for getting another thing crossed of my Christmas preparation list.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday in town

I didn't have much I needed from town, but as I hadn't been in for quite a while I knew I had to go and soak up the atmosphere.
The Brunel centre (where I am not allowed to take photos so do so sneakily) was where I found this lovely lady making balloon animals and shapes for the children, she had quite a skill with the balloons but her rapport with the children was absolutely splendid.
She made a reindeer for one little boy, a Santa for a little lass, a candy cane and lots more besides all the time talking to the children, asking them about there excitement of Christmas and whether they had written their letter to him.

I could have stood there far longer and enjoyed it all, but I wasn't going to get anything else done if I did.

I wasn't going to spend much but..............
oops I seemed to get through the money rather quickly. I did need new ink cartridges. I also bought a couple of magazines, some ribbon and buttons, no surprise there of course. Oh and some luscious Thorntons Chocolate. Good job I also bought another fold up bag from Paperchase.

Later I met up with Neil, Gemma and Rufus as they sorted out a few more presents.

Church this morning, it seemed such an effort to get ready to go but I am glad I did.
This afternoon, after dinner I sat a watched tv and scrapped another page for my Christmas album.

Rufus & Rudolph

Today I am grateful for the push to get to church
for a nice lunch
for scrapping again.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Scrapping again Yah!!

I've struggled to do any scrapping, except the challenges on UKScrapper, since my trip up north, which is very frustrating as I have quite a number of new photos on my computer. Today has seen the turn around, I have done two pages, both for my Christmas album.
the first one is of my Grandsons from Skipton, with their early Christmas presents

A Bike for Christmas

the journalling explains why they had them early

The second one is of some decorations


It has been raining hard most of the day, I was going to go food shopping but had almost decided it wasn't worth it when the rain eased off so I went.
As I got off the bus at ASDA the skies opened and we had torrential rain.
Still shopping done I got home eventually had a nice cuppa and then got scrapping.

I forgot to take a photo for my As Seen today but I am drinking some mulled wine so here's one I made earlier

Today I am grateful for getting the shopping done
Talking to Helen on Skype

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tribute to Billy

Sale at church day today and we have just heard some sad news, one of the men who come and help us died and wasn't discovered for three days. So sad when you die alone like that.
Tribute to Billy, you will be sadly missed.

I wanted something warm to eat when I got home today for it had been so cold out, didn't have any packet soup so decided to cook up some vegetables, but instead of home made soup I thought a full meal would be preferable. So bacon added and risotto rice made for a warming and delicious meal.

Sat down with the tv on and fell asleep. That's how tired I was. Felt yuk when I awoke.

Have managed to print off some photos so hopefully will get some scrapping done tomorrow.

My As Seen for today has to be my effort to get Rudi to model my Santa hat, this idea was inspired by Karen with her cat Fiki But Fiki was far better behaved. Rudi just meowed angrily.

today I am grateful for all the help Billy gave to us over the years

12:12 12/12/12

What were you doing at 12 minutes past 12 today? did you take a photo? I did, I was in the hairdressers with dye on my hair so here is my photo

12:12:12  12:12

Today has been a very cold one but oh so pretty. I grabbed my camera and, still in my dressing gown and slippers, went out into the street. The light was very special, magical almost. I savoured it for a while until I realised just how cold it was, I was glad to get back inside.

Christmas Card picture

'crocheted' spiders web

This evening I had a scrapping crop and managed to do another page for my Christmas album.

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Today I am grateful for my new hair colour, especially for Christmas I've gone purple.


I am grateful for friendships and laughs
I am grateful for a warm home
I am grateful for where I live and the pleasure it give me.
I am grateful for my camera
I am grateful for all the stash I have that enables me to make such pretty pages of my memories

Getting ready for bed tonight I realised I had put my jumper on back to front. Just as well really as I splashed it with alcohol ink, at least it will be round the back and covered by a cardigan now.

and most of all I thank the Lord for all his blessings to me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's twiddlings

Haven't done much today, but I did get the freezer defrosted, made my mincemeat ready to do some mince pies later in the week (mince meat better if left to mature for a few days) didn't have any brandy so used a bit of rum instead, it was yummy licking the spoon when I had finished bottling it up. (can't smell it though as my sense of smell has disappeared with this cold)

I put up the Christmas banner that was a swap we did in one of my teams. We each chose a letter from the word CHRISTMAS and did nine pennants the same and when we met up in October we exchanged with each other till we all ended up with this banner.

Crumblies Christmas Banner

Really pleased with how it looks.

It has been a foggy freezing day all day but I have been snug and warm inside. Just now I went out to take this photo, changed it to sepia (the street light play havoc with the camera too orange)

Today I am grateful for warm Bungalow
for warm clothes and comfort food.

My boy sitting on my lap I just had to try and get a decent close up of him. After numerous attempts I really like this one, you can see me reflected in his eyes

Want to end this post with this Iams advert. I think it is super

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday Cirencester, Monday Opticians


After church Neil phoned me and said he and Rufus were planning to go to Cirencester would I like to go. Well of course I would, so hastily making myself a sandwich before he arrived. Gemma not feeling very well so she did not come.
Cirencester was in festive mood with a Christmas market down the centre of town and the road shut to traffic.
The first thing we saw as a Chestnut seller, his hands were a rich chestnut colour and must have been as tough as an old boot as he picked over his wares

Rufus was fascinated by the reindeer and would have loved to stroke them but we were not allowed to do so.

so he made do with this one instead.


I had an appointment with the optician today, such a nice person, he explained everything so clearly and made it far easier to understand my vision. He also told me I had good vision though the astigmatism had moved quite a bit in my right eye. So new glasses ordered.

I also did the weekly challenge from UKScrappers using one of the three sketches provided Warm colours and new stash.
I chose this sketch

another page for my Christmas album completed. (must try and get some of last week's photo scrapped)

Season of Light

Today I am grateful for my sight
for being able to afford to have decent glasses
and for my health in general

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas the Season of Light


Christmas the season of Light, Jesus came into this world of our to bring the Light of God to our dark and troubled nations.

I love seeing the outside lights switched on throughout December, when it is the darkest time in the Northern Hemisphere. I love capturing this on camera and bringing it back home with me to see again, although never quite as magical but still preserving a moment of pleasure.


I had noticed these light switched on as I went up to the church this evening to set up the multimedia and knew I had to come and photograph them on my way home.


I went up into the loft and got all the decorations down. I was surrounded by boxes and opening them to the treasures inside is exciting. Taking each one out in turn, remembering where they came from, carefully finding the right place to put them.
Putting up John's tree with tears in my eyes. Oh how I wish he was here to share this moment with me, even though I know it was usually down to me to do them, there is something special in sharing the moments.

My As Seen just has to be John's tree when the fibre optic lights turn purple, my favourite colour.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Catching up

Good morning Blog friends
I thought I would do a little bit of catching up as I haven't blogged for 3 days now.


Ben goes to Toddler Praise at Helen's own church. The Minister there is so good with them all he seems to have a real knack of being with the very young.
Afterwards they go out to the hall and play with toys etc so hence my As Seen for the day


I travel home feeling quite yuk as I have a bad head cold and can't breath properly. I did manage to get to Danny's school carol service up at Holy Trinity church at the top of town with all my belongings with me. Got a taxi to take me to the station immediately afterwards.
Journey uneventful and on time, for which I was very grateful. The train was packed so I'm so glad I always have a booked seat.
Good to be back home and see my feline companions too not sure how much they missed me but as usual Rudi was asking for food as soon as I entered the home.
I forgot to take any photos so here is a typical Rudi shot from the archives.


Still feeling grotty from this cold so decided to have a PJ (Pyjama)day, my only mission for the day being to put up one of the Christmas trees. (the one I picked up from the sale) Not been into the loft yet for the rest of the decs so it is a little bare at the moment. I may also have to buy some more if I am to have both trees looking splendid, or may be make some as I had a tutorial in Carols Craft a week or so back. Just need to get some double sided glittery papers.

and for a finally I thought I would do my own lolcat

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye